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Comicon Death Inducers # 3

Let it begin.

Marvel's slew of comic book flicks and their massive blitzing of media for said films starts.  Comicon will be COVERED in this like a slick sheen of sweat on the face of a Hall H line stander while they bake outside.

First up is Ryan (six pack abs) Reynolds as Hal Jordan on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.


Booya.  Nice muscle and tendond look thing they've got going on with the suit.  Until I see it in action I'm not impressed yet.  I agree with others that I've seen photoshops better than this cover.  But it makes me happy to finally see Hal getting love.

But I'm FAR more excited about this


We've always known Anthony Hopkins was a god.  But damn...he LOOKS RAWRSOME AS ODIN.

(oh and Thor looks good too)

I can't wait for Thor.  I could be completely nuts, but this makes me happy.  I can't wait to see footage on this.


And of course we can't post about the Marvel movies without commenting on the lunacy that is Edward Norton and his bullshit move by Marvel screw over.  I've made clear how I feel on that I think.

Moving on to the new casting of Banner.  We've went from Joaquin Phoenix to now Mark Ruffalo.  I like neither. Now we've got a David Tennant rumor.  I like this far more, but he needs to be sporting a green question mark and running away from Batman.  I've thrown my hat into the ring behind Sharlto Copley.   He's perfect in my opinion. 

I know we won't get the final answer on the Banner casting until Comcion and whomever it is walks out on stage.  But I can only hope Marvel makes up for the cluster ass way they screwed over Norton by giving us someone equally as good and dedicated to giving the Hulk and Banner the respect and due they deserve.


Jul. 15th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
The Green Lantern suit is motion-captured, i.e. he's actually wearing a green-screen or bluescreen leotard. Huh! I said so on Twitter--wtf ever happened to practical effects??? He looks alright.

LOVED the Thor pic. Hopkins will phone it in, but I don't care, he's the perfect Odin/Wotan/Mr. Wednesday.

SHARLTO FOR BANNER! SHARLTO FOR BANNER. I am behind this all the way. xoxox



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